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What is the process and the cost to be listed on your platform, please, how is the shipment going ?

The platform is completely free, you just have to create an account and add an ad, the producer arranges directly with the customer for distribution.

To help you, once you have created a draft advertisement, we finalize your advertisement with the information at our disposal.

Unable to recenter the map, zoom in ...

To center and zoom on the map, simply click on the padlock on the map and at this time you can center and zoom.

I am organic producer in Guadeloupe, I would like more detail when to distribution.

Le shop bio is only used to connect local producers with consumers and wholesalers of organic products.
So we do not occupy the distribution, it is up to the producer to arrange with the client.

Commercially it may be wise .. Who is behind, what phylosophy ..

Commercially it is an excellent tool to bring together producers and local consumers without intermediaries.
The philosophy would be to focus on local production and consumption rather than importing products filled with pesticides and antibiotics from the antipodes. Favor local and sustainable production for the good of humans, animals, plants and the planet.
There is a certain awareness and demand for organic and local products from consumers.

It's done well, but it's all new, it starts. How are they known ...? Why all this work "for free"? Will it last a long time ...? Do they buy the products directly, with what discount and what quantities ...? I am in conversion, does it interest them ...? cordially

Thank you for your relevant questions.
To let us know we have launched a Google Adwords advertising campaign and an emailing campaign.
Ads are free, then we think about paid ad improvement options.
There is no reason that it stops.
The site only allows to connect producers and consumers of organic products, nothing is for sale directly on the site.
If you are an organic producer and sell products from organic production, you can add your advertisement for free.

How can the producer create his ad to sell his organic products.

You must first create an account, log on to his account, then click on add and under elements create your new ad in the desired language.

I want to buy home-made eggs from farm-raised chickens. Hens naturally fed without suffering and also organic chickens.

Thank you for your request, we will wait for a producer close to you to place an ad on our site with the products requested, regularly producers will add new ads.